More enlightened employers offer better jobs

Hiring qualified professionals is nowadays considered as one of top challenges listed in every company´s business priorities – and not only from the point of talent attraction but also to evaluate their personal fit and potential to match required competence set. However, there is no question about the valid reason to include Assessment techniques in hiring process prior to delivering a job offer, it is always essential to make sure its design truly corresponds with company needs and stimulates the applicants´ performance in the right direction.
Enabling the best choice among candidates
Every confident and fair decision making needs sufficient data backup. Therefore, as a pre-selection accessory we provide an intensive assessment experience to identify both their capability strengths and gaps. The outputs reach far beyond traditional interview methods as they are projected to indicate candidates´ behaviour in both standard and non-standard situations while selection strategy is taken into consideration.
The place where talents meet
During Assessment Centre, candidates demonstrate their individual and team abilities through multiple evaluation methods such as intelligence tests, selected checklists of adaptive behaviours, job-related simulations, case studies, individual presentations, group discussions and traditional role playing that concludes in mutual feedback sessions together followed by in-depth interview with the main Assessor. Final judgments are pooled in a meeting among the team of assessors whose aim is to collect, assess and deliver the best data driven objective results within the scope of their trusted competence.